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Bayrli®Is it too late to start using cloth diapers with my toddler?

Is it too late to start using cloth diapers with my toddler?

Have I missed the cloth diaper train? Have I left it too late to begin? 

The great news about switching to cloth diapers is that it’s never too late! Of course you can start at the newborn stage, infant stage, or toddler stage. Some even start when their child is beginning to potty train! The important thing to remember is that every time you use a cloth diaper it saves one from ending up in a landfill and even one per day makes a difference. 

The moment you choose to use a cloth diaper on your toddler you’re getting all of the chemicals that are present in disposables away from their sensitive skin. Your baby will also have more solid poos which makes clean up easier than newborn poos and you can aid changing by using diaper liners.

Something to plan for is the quickness and volume that toddlers will pee at. Do plan to have good absorbency inserts as toddlers do wet more than newborns, just not as often. If your toddler floods their diaper - aka holding the pee in and going all at once very quickly - then you’ll need a fast absorbing insert. If your toddler goes very often but produces a large volume of pee, then you’ll need good absorbing inserts such as bamboo and hemp. You’ll still want to change your toddler around every 2-3 hours or as soon as they’ve made a dirty diaper.

Once your toddler gets nearer to potty training you may realize that you’re needing to do fewer diaper changes and soon may only need to use diapers at night. A great perk of using cloth diapers for potty training is that you can choose a style of diaper that allows your child to feel when they have wet. Think terry diapers at night or flats and a cover during the day.

If you plan to have more children after your toddler, then consider this an investment that will definitely pay off. Just because you may start late on your first cloth diaper baby, doesn’t mean that you’re wasting money. Cloth diapers can be stored away safely until your next baby arrives.

Again, even using cloth for this time is beneficial to baby, the environment, and your wallet.

Have you any unanswered questions about using cloth diapers with your baby? Would you like to know more about the environmental benefits of cloth diapers? Please let us know!